Diamond mining began in the West African administrative division of Sierra Leon in the 1930s and, since then, diamonds of advanced superior have been well-mined in astronomic quantities from the administrative division. Till 1998, a few 55 cardinal carats of gem quality diamonds had been reportedly mined in Sierra Leon, amounting to a cost of roughly 15 a billion US dollars. Majority of the country's population, however, filtrate second-rate due to the unending past times of violent behaviour and conflict involving hostile factions, principally concluded the possession of the jewel mines.

Source of Sierra Leon Diamonds

In Sierra Leon, like in peak otherwise places, diamonds are found in kimberlites, which are implanted pyrogenous rocks approaching to shallower depths as intrusions (dikes) in preexistent rocks due to the up motion of magma. In Sierra Leon, kimberlites were original saved by miners in Koidu in 1948. Diamond-bearing kimberlites were next disclosed at Tongo and Panguma by victimization a choice of mining techniques. Estimated military unit of two cardinal carats of diamonds are believed to turn out at a depth of around 300 meters in Koidu. Considerably larger deposits of diamonds are believed to go down at Tongo, but the estimates of these kimberlite militia are thesis to supposition.

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Diamonds and the Economy of Sierra Leon

Despite oversize lozenge militia and deposits of remaining minerals, Sierra Leon lees a inferior administrative district due to its continual history of social upset and domesticated order hitches. Diamond exports production a important role in buoying the cutback of the country, making in the region of common fraction of the country's sum proceeds from exports. The illegal rhomb import in Sierra Leon has been a principal motive for the violent conflicts and this has organize to denotative the diamonds of Sierra Leon as 'blood diamonds'. An calculable 75,000 nation have so far been killed in anger between reverse factions, fighting head-on or askance for securing the tenure of fat rhomb mines.

The Kimberly Process and Diamond Trade

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In May 2000, South African governing body initiated an global meeting named the Kimberly Process that aimed at breakdown the selling catch of the humour diamonds of Sierra Leon and else African countries as well as Angola and Congo. The Kimberly Process is a United Nations' mandated association that monitors rhomb activity and supply in lay down to forbid them from decent the lead to of fighting and to ensure their authorised trade. The meeting allows secure transportation of mountainous diamonds merely to the co-participant countries that are relation of the Kimberly Process. By involving governments, job industry, and gracious society, the Kimberley initiative is proving passably impressive in preventing diamonds from Sierra Leon to money much violent behaviour.

Resourceful and unscrupulous groups yet conduct operations to get away the official barriers and standing breakthrough way of infiltrating the precious stone centers of the worldwide. It may not be viable to avoid the trading in group action diamonds by 100 per centum but beside distinct blob reportable in 2004, nearby is hope for the global that the disorder and kill winning site in Africa will immediately go to an end.

Please do not maintain the war endeavour. Insist on a records since buying a gem. It will update you the stone's carat weight, its color and clarity, flaws, and its origins.

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