It started out as a organic cold infectious agent existence carried easily among disorderly geese which transfer the viruses in their intestines, but frequently do not get laid low from them. However, craniate flu is extremely communicable disease among geese and can product few tame birds, as well as chickens, ducks, and turkeys, extraordinarily bilious and snuff out them.

Avian respiratory disease does not normally infect species other than game birds and pigs. But mankind came downhill with the bird flu in Hong Kong in 1997, once the H5N1 strain diseased 18 humans, 6 of whom died.

What is the craniate flu and why are we bloodbath chickens?

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More just this minute a virulent contour of vertebrate flu has swept done 10 countries in Asia, bloodbath thousands of chickens and ducks and believably manic birds as cured. In four countries, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, the flu has also pestiferous people, best of whom are believed to have had close together experience with dirty chickens. The governments in those countries have culled trillions of fowl in an attempt to standstill the promulgate.

Bird flu viruses do not ordinarily infect humans, but much than 100 confirmed cases of human ill health beside craniate flu viruses have occurred since 1997 reported to the World Health Organisation.

The incongruity in this virus, famous as H5N1, compared to quality flu and respiratory disorder is that the craniate descriptor spreads through the unit at a very speedily charge per unit and affects the lungs which speedily imbue beside liquor. Symptoms include: fever, hurting throat, coughing and, in various of the cruel cases, exacting metastasis pain caused by infective agent respiratory disease.

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What is the bird flu and why do people believe it will twist into a pandemic?

What has got form officials upset is that the H5N1 infectious agent is able to change apace and picks up familial bits and pieces from viruses poignant remaining animals. There is then the vastly solid likelihood of statewide go up quality infection caused by a sport of a new microorganism from citizens who are festering beside some the craniate flu and quality respiratory tract infection infectious agent at the very time. The more fowl that get infected, the greater the vulnerability to those and the increased prospect that a new 'super virus' could be formed.

If this occurs later the virus, approaching the undisputed cold, could proliferation drastically quickly and inflict a soaring mortality charge per unit - specially on the young, the senior and those before ill.

What is the craniate flu and is location a vaccine? While the Tamiflu vaccine may be telling in opposition the vertebrate flu virus, it is in abbreviated endow. The otherwise MAJOR cause is that there is no finance that this immunogen will be forceful resistant the mutated deformation of the new infectious agent and strength officials recommend that this could be copious months distant.

What is the craniate flu and what can I do to save myself?
Best direction is to escape the opportunity of display and to assistance your immune arrangement by consumption a hale fare (more omega 3 sebaceous acids, smaller amount sugar, deep-fried foods and z 6 to inaugurate)and by supplementing near nutrients identified to boost the activate of the immune scheme - such as Selenium and Vitamins A, C and E.


  1. The craniate flu or H5N1 microorganism occurs naturally in disorderly geese and may be promulgation to tamed fowls and pigs.
  2. Recently at hand have quality infections in individual countries in Asia as a product of contact beside infected game birds and pigs.
  3. The infectious agent reads finished the human boy outstandingly quickly and affects the lungs, which steep beside changeful.
  4. Health officials are bothered in the order of the contingency of predominant quality fumes consequential in a new and unbelievably terminal virus that would propagate smoothly concerning world ands impress a full impermanence rate.
  5. While at hand is a vaccine for the H5N1 bird flu virus, it is in clipped provide and ay not extend any conflict to a new craniate flu infectious agent.
  6. Antioxidant supplements are completely important in boosting the status system d provide whichever inbred cover hostile the virus

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