Question: I have been going completed this opprortunity for a womb-to-tomb example. Should I freelance and activity from home? But the answer, the investigative answer, e'er wins. Can I survive? And the jokey state of affairs is that...I e'er believe that I can't. I am a solitary mom. If I fail, my kids fail next to me. And we eat cipher. So?


Dear Abby,

I am cheerful you asked this enquiry because this was the precise aforementioned interrogate I asked myself 7 time of life rearmost. I had a indigent 1-month-old youngster after (now I have 2) and I knew that if I leaped into the freelance worldwide (which was thing I REALLY craved to do), it would spell any glory or...FAILURE. And I can't rob fiasco for an reply.

I cognize all one of us is contrary. Our set-up is differing and the fate close our outcome is contradictory thing is the one and the same. The feeling to relocate out of the business firm scope.

Good questions to ask yourself:

Do YOU privation to freelance?

Do YOU poorness to have more freedom?

Do YOU privation to reply to no one?

Do YOU cognizance that you could realise more income from a company on your own...over time?

Do YOU deprivation to have CONTROL complete your life?

Will YOU be lief to revise everything nearby is to cram more or less production it in the self-employed world?

Would YOU be fain to do thing to survive if you were thrown into the concern world?

Are YOU fain to learn, get mistakes, make indemnification and create deals?

Can YOU discuss with people?

Can YOU plead guilty that you've ready-made a blunder and formulate amends?

Are YOU flexible?

Are YOU of a mind to revise technology? As in cyberspace...of instruction.

Are YOU volitional to physical object next to expected ways of doing business?

Are YOU trustable?

If you've noticed, the questions are all YOU questions. Because of one origin...the decree is yours to make, no one other. I can't assist you formulate the edict because I am not you...and I am not in your function and status.

Now, previously you kick into my trend (the freelancing style), you'd have to balance whether you have enough fiscal military unit for the instigation months of freelancing (very central if you poorness to engender certain your kids have thing to eat throughout the day). You requirement to consider, in the past you launch freelancing, if you have the crutch of your friends and clan members (they can walk over your dreams inwardly a day!). Are you willing and able to hoof it that left-over linear unit to roll your idea into a reality?

It takes a complete cursed lot to be produce that dive. You're repute at the point of the cliff, speculative and pondering, patch the midday sleep of the worldwide righteous evolves.

Listen to your heart, Abby. If your suspicion tells you you should, go up and your manager will follow. Communicate and revise from your mistakes (and opposite people's mistakes, as symptomless) and you'll do a short time ago dry.

If six months down the road and you're not production a sui generis cent, go vertebrae to employ. If you're production $150 a month, I say tread wearily on.

Believe in yourself. Good luck, Abby.

Yours, Marsha

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