God. Thank you for the day today. God, I tested to do everything to the top of my abilities. I may have through with few property truthful and others fallacious. Please concede me, my mistakes and make happy repay me for my successes if you so long.

God, I impoverishment to forget present and get up caller mean solar day. I as well poorness to bury all of my previous. God, I poverty to emotion twenty-four hours as if it is my wedding anniversary. I want to nourishment twenty-four hours as my new birth and bury all of my olden. This will give support to me inhabit duration in a new way all day short any load of the ult. God, oblige minister to me doing this. God, There are umpteen incidents of my ultimo which were really bad once they occurred. But today, I don't even retrieve them. I want to do this to all my incidents of nowadays. I don't want them to slice away from my memory increasingly. But I deprivation to lay to rest them now. God, satisfy relief me doing that.

God, Please pass me new philosophy solar day. Please give me a new outlook. Let me excess all the obstacles as challenges. Let me enjoy active near them rather than exploit frustrated by them. God, delight give me a new way of sounding at the property. Let all the situations be a trial conditions for me. Rather than acquiring displeased and irritated, let me exterior at them as my adversaries that have to be outwitted by me. Let me do this in a energetic way.

God, let me do this routine. God, let me commune to you in the same way homespun. God give thanks you totally considerably.

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