Genesis 5:10
"And Enos lived after he begat Cainan viii cardinal and xv years,
and begat sons and daughters:"

The archetypical 800-year Generation Cycle relates to the daytime 130-year fractional of the 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Seth's ages disconnect Adam's daytime 130-Tun-year half of a 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle from the nightly 130-Tun-year half. The archetypal 800-year Generation Cycle for Adam holds second-string age dump utility and ulterior repeats in the inferior ages of Seth and Enos. An period of the first 400-year-Baktun-cycle signals the special age end and supplementary point age rank during the 800-year Generation Cycle. Twice the 400-year-Baktun-cycle produces one 800-year Generation Cycle.

The unessential age family includes 13 contrastive 400-year-Baktun-cycles. Sequential 400-year-Baktun-cycles cipher from 1 to 13 to sum the Mayan 5200-year Great Cycle. The premier partially and center age level in the character's secondary 800-year Generation Cycle finishes the character's original age at the same time. Each direct age level correlates with odd numbered 400-year-Baktun-cycles.

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Seth's primary 105-Ethiopic-year age is the original solar-side instance slot. Solar-side annulment instance of Seth divides a earliest age accumulation 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle having 360-day-Tun-years. Seth's capital 105-Ethiopic-year solar-side age is partly of 210-Ethiopic-years. Seth's unoriginal 807-year age reflects 210-Ethiopic-years of solar-side detachment incident. The 3rd 400-year-Baktun-cycle in Seth's secondary age class generates Seth's opening 105-Ethiopic-year age. A 4th 400-year-Baktun-cycle closes Seth's inferior age and badminton the first 105-Ethiopic-year age for 210-Ethiopic-years. The utility 800-year Generation Cycle age of Seth is betwixt the indirect 800-year Generation Cycles of Adam and Enos. Seth's 800-year Generation Cycle divides the firstborn and ordinal 400-year-Baktun-cycle brace from the ordinal and sixth 400-year-Baktun-cycles.

Seth's particular 105-Ethiopic-year age earmarks 1,820-days surplus to requirements time to be set apart during the final 5-Ethiopic-years that have 364-days each. There are 1,820-days in the supplementary 7-Tzolken-sacred-years that add with the second 800-year Generation Cycle in Seth's inferior 807-year age. These second 5-Ethiopic-years were a blessed concept that combines eventual day-and-year quantitative equivalent. Five 364-day-Ethiopic-years person to 7-Tzolken-sacred-years or 1820-days in Seth's unoriginal age (Eqn. 1 and Eqn. 2).

Last 5-Ethiopic-years in Primary 105-Ethiopic-year Age of Seth

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1. 5-Ethiopic-years


= 1,820-days surplus in particular 105-Ethiopic-year Age of Seth

Last 7-Tzolken-sacred-years in Secondary 807-year Age of Seth

2. 7-Tzolken-sacred-years

x 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years

= 1,820-days emergency in original 105-Ethiopic-year Age of Seth

Secondary Age Category Total for Seth

3. 800-l/s-years in indirect 800 twelvemonth Generation Cycle age for Adam

800-l/s-years in subsidiary 800-year Generation Cycle age for Seth

= 1600-l/s-years Secondary Age Category Total for Seth

Seth adds the second 800-year Generation Cycle to Adam's most primitive 800-year Generation Cycle. Seth brings the minor age collection absolute to 1,600-l/s-years (Eqn. 3). Tzolken-sacred-years having 260-days all develop the closing 7-Tzolken-year subdivision in the specified vicarious 807-year age of Seth. Repetition of the 800-year Generation Cycle age inst for Adam appears in Seth's inferior 807-year Generation Cycle and again, a 3rd instance in the tributary 815-year Generation Cycle age of Enos. Seven 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years or 1,820-days were standby to the special age coupling of Adam and Seth. Seth's initial age ends in sync beside the third 400-year-Baktun-cycle in the lower age aggregation or 1200-l/s-years.

Adding 400-l/s-years in the 4th 400-year-Baktun-cycle raises the unoriginal age collection pure to 1600-l/s-years. The fourth 400-year-Baktun-cycle in Seth's secondary age aggregation badminton Seth's special 105-Ethiopic-years for 210-Ethiopic-years over and done his center age plane. Doubling the final 5-Ethiopic-years at the end of Seth's fourth 400-year-Baktun-cycle grades in 10-Ethiopic-years or 3,640-days of solar-side incident bifurcation. The 800-year Generation Cycle and 7-Tzolken-sacred-years add to arrive at the Bible quoted alternate 807-year age of Seth in mathematical statement 4 (Genesis 5:10).

The unoriginal 815-year age of Enos includes two basal atmospheric condition. Extending the lower age cut-out to involve Enos admits a third 800-year Generation Cycle to the subsidiary age accumulation. The thirdhand age of Enos adds the third 800-year Generation Cycle, which includes the 5th and sixth 400-year-Baktun-cycles. At the end of Seth's 807-year unessential age, in that are 3,640-days other. Enos adds the 3rd set of 1,820-days to 3,640 life or 5-Ethiopic-years more to 10-Ethiopic-years (Eqn. 5 and Eqn. 6). Enos triples 5-Ethiopic-years additional incident brought downcast from Seth to assemble 5,460-days. Enos adds the same converted, 7-Tzolken-sacred-years with 14-Tzolken-sacred-years from Seth to get 21-Tzolken-sacred-years of 260-days all or 5,460-days (Eqn. 6). The specified secondhand 815-year age of Enos includes the ordinal 800-year Generation Cycle, plus 15-Ethiopic-years of 364-days respectively.

807 yr Secondary Age of Seth

4. 800-year Generation Cycle for Seth


= 807 year Secondary Age of Seth

End of Seth's Secondary Age 1,600-l/s-years Doubles Last Primary

5-Ethiopic-Year Age

5. 1,820-days remaining in concluding 7-Tzolken-sacred-years of Seth's lesser 807-year age

x 2 badminton surplus to requirements 7-Tzolken-sacred-years in Seth's minor 807-year age

= 3,640-days accompanying in 10-Ethiopic-years or 14-Tzolken-sacred-years

Midpoint Age Level of Enos 2,000-l/s-years Adds Seth's

7-Tzolken-Sacred-Years a Third Time

6. 3,640-days surplus to requirements in 14-Tzolken-sacred-years that end Seth's secondary 807-year age

1820-day for the primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Enos

= 5,460-days supplementary in 15-Ethiopic-years or 21-Tzolken-sacred-years

Adam's most primitive 800-year Generation Cycle provides 800-l/s-years in the cumulative substitute age family pure. Seth's adding up badminton the 800-year Generation Cycle secondary age sum for 1,600-l/s-years. The 2nd 800-year-Generation Cycle is part of a set of the given alternate 807-year age of Seth. Enos adds a ordinal 800-year Generation cycle to the unessential age class full to arrive at 2,400-l/s-years. Six 800-year Generation Cycles or cardinal 400-year-Baktun-cycle way are the same sum that ends near Jared.

The 5th 400-year-Baktun-cycle increments the inessential age sum from 1,600-l/s-years to 2,000-l/s-years for Enos. The vicarious age aggregation inclusive is 2,000-l/s-years at the end of the 5th 400-year-Baktun-cycle and 2,400-l/s-years at the end of the sixth 400-year-Baktun-cycle. The centre age height of Enos is 2,000-years that fraction 130-Tun-years other to the opening 130-Tun-year age of Adam for 65-Tun-years. The 6th 400-year-Baktun-cycle brings the collateral age accumulation entire to 2,400-l/s-years for Enos. Three 800-year Generation Cycle repetitions add up 2,400-l/s-years after dividing the second 130-Tun-years or 180-Tzolken-sacred-year appeal in half. The collateral age ordinal 400-year-Baktun-cycle concludes the basic 400-l/s-year fractional of the tributary 815-year age of Enos. Enos provides the archetypal special age chemical phenomenon to 90-Tzolken-sacred-years and sustains the inessential age assemblage 800-year Generation Cycle. Steps of the 400-year-Baktun-cycle move to add 400-l/s-years to the secondhand age assemblage.

The 800-year Generation Cycle repeats a 3rd occurrence in the secondhand 815-year age of Enos. Already mentioned, 800-year Generation Cycles statement for two Mayan 400-year-Baktun-cycles. The 800-year Generation Cycle for Adam spans the primary and ordinal 400-year-Baktun-cycles. Seth's subsidiary 800-year Generation Cycle age covers the ordinal and quaternary 400-year-Baktun-cycles. The summative secondary ages of Adam and Seth think cardinal standing apart 400-year-Baktun-cycles. Enos after adds the fifth and ordinal 400-year-Baktun-cycles to the unessential age accumulation. The ordinal lower age 400-year-Baktun-cycle ends the lifetime of Enos that coincides near the 2400-l/s-years (Eqn. 7). The tertiary 800-year Generation Cycle of Enos is involving the 2nd and fourth secondhand age 800-year Generation Cycles of Seth and Cainan.

The 800-year-Generation Cycle restates in the unessential 815-year age of Enos. Enos adds 1,820-days more than to Seth's over 3,640-days of solar-side juncture incision at the midpoint age horizontal of 2,000-l/s-years. The 2,000-l/s-year center age of Enos divides the first 180-Tzolken-sacred-year age for 90-Tzolken-sacred-years and the standby age includes 5,460-days excessive that synonymous 15-Ethiopic-years. The inessential 815-year age of Enos includes one 800-year Generation Cycle, plus 15-Ethiopic-years (Eqn. 8).

Secondary Age Category Total for Enos

7. 1600-l/s-years supplemental age aggregation full for Seth

800-l/s-years in tributary 800-year Generation Cycle for Enos

= 2,400-l/s-years Secondary Age Category Total for Enos

Secondary 815-year Age of Enos

8. 800-year Generation Cycle for Enos


= 815-year Secondary Age of Enos

Once we clear up the theoretical account of the past Antediluvian Calendar system, it is confident to pace transfer finished the kin group. Single numeric lingo utilize to describe Tun-360-days-and-years and Tzolken-sacred-260-days-and-years. Dual Tun and Tzolken patterns are patent. Reminiscent of the Mayan Calendar, 360-Tzolken-sacred-years put together up a 360-year-Tun-cycle that numerically matches near 360-day-Tun-year multiples. The shape for the 5200-year Great Cycle is fashioned precisely similar the 52-year Calendar Round. Primary ages for Adam, Enos, and Mahalaleel all involve one 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle that tracks severally to the solar-side separations of Seth and later, Cainan and Jared. The alternate ages of vii several Antediluvian Patriarch characters ready one 5200-year Great Cycle.

Ascertainment of derivative, solar-side separations shows swop over concerning the cultivation 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year and the corresponding 360-day-Tun-year. Through the era of Moses, any specified extant of juncture mentioned in the Bible maximum apt subscribes to a set of the double calendar, which entertains the 50-year Jubilee Cycle for dating. Ages for Enos let go the 2d solar-side circumstance separate for Cainan.

The Bible gives the sum 905-year period of time linear rundown for Enos in Genesis 5:11. The scriptures sum the former 90-Tzolken-sacred-year age with the minor 815-year age of Enos.

Genesis 5:11

"And all the years of Enos were nine a hundred and cardinal years: and he died."

Some Bibles punctuation mark Enos as Enosh. Literal Hebrew meanings swing from earthly to man or group. Enos was among the prime to telephone call upon and call down the first name of God. The Mayan line of coat of arms 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycles continues from faster Judaic condition. Quarterly area of the 360-year-Tun-cycle and the 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle tie Enos to 360-day-Tun-years. Mahalaleel is the following quantitative equivalent to Enos. Many calendars and cultures followed lawsuit in recognizing the 360-day centre length of twelvemonth. The activist posting in antiquity control by 360-days-and-years assigns an resourceful connection betwixt humankind and God. Enos lists ages in the ordinal of seven sacred scrolls.

Enos and his cohorts out of stock the study of speculation and power all over idyllic forces. Four revolutions in outlook were justified. The mountains became barren; corpses began to putrefy; men became ungodly and had the faces of animals; and demons lost their dismay of men. Enos was the son of Seth and the grandchild of Adam.

Are you a pastor, governess or a beginner of the Holy Bible? seeks anointed people to inspection and involve yourself to the Ages of Adam ministry. Ancient satellite/solar calendars close to the Jewish and Mayan calendars award the perspective to acumen untimely instance. Ancient calendars of the Holy Bible use differences linking the satellite and sun, quantitative harmonious and a 364-day calendar period to name X-number of years that igniter beside X-number of years. Ages of Adam is a permitted read at

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