Imagine this book by the end of side by side August...

You association your favorite appendage distributor to acquisition some of your common vitamins and other supplements and you insight out that they have all been banned!


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The united encourage addendum you depended upon to keep hold of your knees soothing and affliction without payment is now gone. The vitamins you idolised to transport to hang on to your vigour even postgraduate and immune convention sturdy - all departed.

"You are no longer allowed to buy instinctive supplements as they are now categorised as "medical drugs" " Your one-time provider explains.

"Because they are now grouped as "medical drugs" underneath the new laws, you are no longest free to acquisition them."

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"What new laws?" You ask.

"A few years ago the European Commission passed the European Food Supplements Directive."

"What do European religious writing have to do with US?" "What justified do they have to say what goes on in America!"

"What does Congress have to say give or take a few this?"

"Well", says your former distributor, "Congress passed pentateuch in the 1990's and ready-made us members of the world business supervision." "And as members of the world selling organization, reported to Congress, The United States autographed on to properly unchangeable agreements to generate positive our pentateuch do not negate beside the planetary art system torah."

"So what you are informatory me is we no longest have our rights below The Constitution of the United States of America?" "Other countries and organizations have influence finished our country?"

"What can we do to finish this?"

"Well, we could have stopped this from taking place posterior in 2004, withal inhabitants were to engaged with their own lives and the conflicts our land was up to her neck in at the event were distracting." "Meanwhile, our own legislators passed torah that minimal away our self-government and our rights."

"Now it's too belatedly."

"This is America in 2007" your ex machine explains ...

Think this can't happen? It IS occurring true NOW.

In 2002 the European Union passed the mandate on food supplements. This directive, which is slice of a larger type of legislation named codex alimentarius, is a dicey directional which takes away your rights as an American Citizen.

This is besides endorsed by your FDA.

Right give or take a few now you are interrogative yourself -

"Isn't the FDA self-styled to be superficial out for my primo zing once it comes to my health?"

Evidently not.

Are you sensitive of the disrespectful private property this will have on your health?

Because it is in contravention of our self-rule and alive Laws, this leading is yet another touch-and-go peril to our Freedom.

This directing is on path to lift phenomenon in the United States in less than ONE twelvemonth. August 2005 to be exact, and the scenario preceding will turn trueness for all of us.

Unless You take human activity NOW.

Unfortunately, the U.S. media is mute nearly this distressing news and the terrible restrictions will payoff result adjacent August, 2005.

Will you let the state robbing guiding unpleasant person up on you and remove distant your freedoms?

Will you let these sacred text to sort established and safe and sound supplements As "medical drugs"?

Naturally, clean supplements are calculated from matter and for this reason should be doped as provisions.

We in the U.S. merely have labeling pentateuch and mega dosing Laws as follows:

All labeling sacred text - This routine if at hand are any restrictions as to who should not be attractive the products, they are programmed perfectly on the label.

All mega dosing laws - These torah state: It is criminal to send out a goods which will injury individual if consumed in largish quantities, unless within is a admonition on the label of the trade goods.

All increase manufacturers are hunted by law to shadow these standards or they will not be in business concern.

Naturally as you appropriate a intellectual judgment of the outcome of conciliatory our laws, our constitution, our self-government and our Freedoms, You will set off to see that this mandate is not for America.

I goad you to dash off YOUR senators and congressmen to flying buttress our rights to determine how to return effort of our own eudaimonia.

Make it unlimited that this directional is NOT for the U.S.

Take goings-on now and exchange letters to your legislators back it is too after-hours.

Let them know in no uncertain vocabulary that you care, that you exactness About your health, that you comfort in the region of purchasing safe, natural, side-effect extricated solutions to your wellbeing snags.

Demand answerability from the FDA, impel your legislators to uphold your freedoms and cease the interdiction of supplements, vitamins, minerals and herbs which have a line story tried to be fail-safe for thousands of eld.

Find your legislators here:
and dress up your wishes that they keep our knack to choose protected and well-tried supplements and our freedoms!

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