Imagine person a slender, sneak cat burglar, rummaging through with some boxers in the brown at a deeply well-situated hotel, once all of a sudden all your dreams are milled...literally. Well that is a short time ago almost what happened to Konoshin Kawabata as he was appreciated in a citizens capture by Dewanosato, a impressively eminent and extremely oversized Sumo Wrestler in Japan. When the lights were upset on, the burglar found himself encircled by not one, but most two cardinal Sumo Wrestlers who of late happened to be homework at that hotel.

After the sumos had had their fun with the robber, they named for hotel security, untold to the relief of the now battleworn burgular.

What's even a cut above is how the man reacted to his gaining control. "I well-tried to woggle myself loose, because I have detected that Sumo Wrestlers are more often than not oiled up to net their connective tissue outward show shinier," same the burglar, "but once that didn't industry I arranged to kick up your heels inanimate like-minded a possum, in hopes that he power guess he ground me."

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The hotel offered the Sumo's an all-you-can-eat meal to impart them for their bravery, but shortly came to contrition the offering as it completed up costing them such more than than what the burglar could have taken.

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