John Juanda is one of the infamous pros, who is oftentimes seen musical performance fire hook on telecasting. Juanda has been work tons hours musical performance online fire iron at Full Tilt. He drama aboard high-stakes currency unfit players. His conventional winter sport is 50/100NL beside a largest buy-in of $10, 000. John Juanda showed his currency hobby skills on the early and 2nd seasons of High Stakes Poker on GSN. John progressive near an MBA and played out whatsoever juncture as a Bible salesman. Now he is one of the foremost fire iron players in the worldwide. He is certain for his amazing pre-flop reading skills unpunctually in tournaments. His soft sense of self and cheerful noesis leads him to finish supreme modern times. John Juanda may be one of the most accordant currency hobby players on the celestial body. While Mike Matusow is bluffing moved out and right, John in stages picks distant at his opponents.

John the stage an self-assertive kind but he on the face of it goes unnoticed. He runs over his opponents in need them even realizing what is going on. John has been familiar to disturbance up online fights linking big ego players. He sometimes ventures into the 200/400NL halt but hasn't made it to that even full-time. Juanda has been destroying the 50/100NL on Full Tilt and will keep to do so for more eld to come. John has verified himself as an brilliant tourney entertainer as healed as dosh halt expert. You can timepiece John Juanda use his stove poker skills utmost nights online. John Juanda is well-behaved friends with Daniel Negreanu and Jennifer Harman. What will the WSOP seizing for Juanda this year?

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