Do You Know You Have the Power to Harness Huge, Hidden
Powers of the Universe?

First location is your mind:

- your conscious mind: ideas, thoughts, emotions, attitudes
etc. you can head-on comprehend or gestate.

- your subconscious mind: your past, deeply mysterious ideas,
thoughts, emotions, attitudes etc.

Then nearby is the innocent mind, which is collective,
universal, widespread to all quality beings and to all the Universe.

This Universal Mind has been called: Intelligent Energy,
Supreme Energy, Superconscious Mind (Carl Jung), Collective
Unconscious, Thinking Energy, Infinite Intelligence
(Napoleon Hill), Supreme Power, Intelligent Substance
(Wallace Wattles), The Oversoul (R.W.Emerson), Supreme
Intelligence, Universe, God, and masses other than property.

I instinctively like to mention to it as the "Universal Intelligent
Energy" (UIE).

It is everywhere. It is across-the-board. It permeates the completeness
of the Universe.

It knows no inconsistency relating past, instant and forthcoming
(time), here and near (space), what has been and what
will be, what you have now and what you want in the approaching.

The UIE makes no disparity linking thoughts and
physical objects.

And it has the handiness to understand your trouble. It has
"all abilities", for that matter.

Your individual, sentient heed can blend the UIE done
various channels, such as as meditation, affirmations,
visualizations, intuition, telepathy, e.s.p. and

For example: In his book, "The Sense of Being Stared At,
and Other Aspects of the Extended Mind", Rupert Sheldrake
a Cambridge-trained biochemist quotes a castle in spain that occurred
five years up to that time the 9/11 terrorist attacks. "Mike Cherni,
a rhetorical someone who worked 300 yards from the World Trade
Center, had a desire he was on an plane. He became
alarmed as the level took an glamorous running off pedestrian area thoroughly low
over Manhattan.

"It was limpid that we were flying straight southbound ended the southern
tip of the island," Cherni's explained to the research worker.
"Then within was a enormous impinging and I woke up.
This daydream disturbed me for days afterward, enough that
I delineate the imaging to my spouse."

Sheldrake discussions of "a form of mutual society unaware that allows
members of a species to exert a pull on from, and partake to,
the mutual society mental representation of the taxon."

In this article, we'll be speaking more specifically of affirmations
and visualizations.

If you speak your "wants" or "wishes" regularly decent
(affirmations/repetition), they get affected (or imprinted) in
the UIE, after itinerant from your intended think about through your
subconscious worry. Finally, they get real, definitely real,
because your wishes one of these days interpenetrate the full-page Universe,
get into communication next to whoever or doesn't matter what can fullfil them, and
get fulfilled.

For, "there is no reservation minus a solution". Problems and
solutions chase all another resembling night and day.

Maybe it should be much high-fidelity to say that complications and
solutions co-exist in the UIE. Or that they survey for all
other same two disposed lovers or Siamese crystal who must
urgently be tied rearmost in cooperation.

And the individualistic mind's job is to come together them together:
this can be achieved done the doubling of affirmations
and finished visualizations i.e. sighted yourself as you are
AFTER you have standard what you poorness.

You tie your worry to the UIE in substantially the self way
you link your machine to the World Wide Web
(Of course, scales are immensely contrary).

Repeating your affirmations is like typing keywords into
a prod motor. The results you get be on how
specific and fixed your keyword is.

In the self way, the treatment to your question depends
on how precise your end is, and how correctly you corroborate
what you want: if you are extraordinarily intelligible and precise, you'll get
a bright and distinct answer.

Being clear, truthful and specialised routine knowing exactly

- what you want

- why you deprivation it

- the consequences of having it

- emotions you will consciousness after you get it

Then the treatment will appear, burst out from the UIE.

You don't even have to know HOW to get it, in the said
way that you don't have to know how Google industrial plant
to get your results!

Your chief job is in CLEARLY, PRECISELY, AND

And sometimes the UIE has its own way of determination your
problem, which you cannot even imagine!

It essential be emphasized that this is no "license for laziness".
Very few citizens truly "know what they want" or can explain
it in a clear, precise, and particular air. And this is where on earth
you should concentration all, if not most of, your hard work.

Yes, it takes numerous donkey work. Remember "you can't hit a reference point
you can't see" - or, if you do, it will be single by arbitrary.

But we are not speaking active break or luck, here.
We are discussion in the order of one in filled and inclusive sentient
control of your own chance.

Here you set down the target, with all the specifications you
have designated by and for yourself.

And you can get hold of your reference and propulsion it inwardly range,
through your own stupendous quality of inspired visualization.

For this to work, you have to arm yourself next to what I phone call
the "Success Mindset Tripod"(tm) and use it as a reason
for all your thoughts, all your words, and all your actions:

- Faith: the certainty that you are able to complete anything
you set out to achieve and that the full Universe (the UIE)
wants you to succeed

- Gratitude, for "The much you authorize and direct
gratitude for the property you have, the more material possession you will
have to voice appreciation for." ( Zig Ziglar) and

- A firm gift of Purpose, which will enable you to be
clear active what it is that you exactly poorness. It will livener
your drive to take over from and ward off any
sneaking attitude of ambiguity or start earlier it even gets to you.


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